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Poke'tard approved.

What is your fave generation of Pokemon? 

18 deviants said Gen 1
8 deviants said Gen 2
8 deviants said Gen 5
7 deviants said It's hard for me to choose
6 deviants said Gen 3
5 deviants said Gen 4
3 deviants said Gen 6
After over a year of hiatus I am going to continue and hopefully finish off Soul of the Machine. I am also planning on still going through with my previous idea of adding my friend’s characters to Yuri’s team and will remain there on a regular basis.

If any of you want to drop out or change anything please let me know.

Alice the Monferno - CharmeleonGirl46

Elliot the Smeargle - ThePurpleSmeargle

Darrel the Sneasel - Magicxmc  < Account closed

Lazuli Dewacha the Dewott - Mandercloud

Sai the Shinx - xxrrsteve

Tasogare Hinode the Lucario - Twilightbill

Sophronia the Samurott - jd02022092

Chapter one: Soul Of the Machine 1
Chapter One: Enter the Shaymin Investigator!
In the midst of a vast forest, a small shape was zooming from bush to bush, its pace and appearance barely noticeable to the Pokemon living nearby. There were a few that tried to catch a glimpse of the unknown speedster, but none of them succeeded. The fast figure continued deeper into the lush environment, the wild Pokemon becoming scarcer as it did so. During its swift journey, it never once halted, switching between shrubbery hiding spots to the trees above where it proceeded to leap to the next one.
Up ahead was an unusual sight. A lone robotic Bellsprout that seemed very worse for wear was standing next to an oversized tree stump, its mechanical body gently swaying like its biological cousins. The eyes of the robot were glowing a bright red, occasionally flickering like a faulty light bulb. It glanced around its surroundings, scanning for any life forms that neared its position.
All of a sudden sparks started to burst o

Chapter two: Soul of the Machine 2
Soul of the Machine
Chapter Two: Malfunction
In the dilapidated underground lab of the notorious Clefairy scientist, Dr. Solaria Clefarious, a robot Shaymin in its Sky Forme, formerly the intellectual investigator, C, was exhibiting itself for its master and her happy-go-lucky Whimsicott assistant, Tony. It was looking around the darkened room, its red tinted pupils emitting a beam of red light.
“Shaymin_Bot,” Clefarious spoke, pushing up her glasses. “Issue your scan report.”
The moment the command was spoken, the obedient machine stopped its scanning and turned to face its genius creator. “10 items of machinery found, all deactivated and in critical condition,” it reviewed, the red glow in its eyes dying down. “No other life-forms found.”
“Wow! That was impressive, C, yep!” Tony complimented, patting the Shaymin’s back.
“Inaccurate statement, Whimsicott,”<
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I am just your abnormal DeviantArt user. I am a Pokemon fan and a story writer. If you want to chat, just drop me a comment or a note.

Nintendo 3DS friend code: 4768 - 7433 - 3365

Other accounts :

:iconporygonvirus: My account made for requested stories that are based purely around certain fetishes.

:iconchronicles-of-molo: My account created to show a story series me and my friend worked on over a year ago.


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