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January 6, 2013
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Rise of the Cyberoids

Part 6: Lost Companions

Tiare the Flareon, along with her daughter, stared in horrified disbelief at the sight of their mind controlled Lopunny loved one. Team Enterprise and Yuri weren’t as surprised, but the expressions of fear were still present. Bennett was the only one that had a cruel sneer spread across his face, his fingers tapping his shotgun trigger in an impatient manner. All of a sudden, Tiare darted towards her Lopunny boyfriend, but was fortunately grabbed by Yuri, who managed to just barely restrain her despite his injuries.

“Tiare, Molo is under their complete control now!” Yuri regretfully explained.

“No!” Tiare protested, wiggling free from Yuri’s frail grip. “Molo can’t be brainwashed! He trained with his father for months to be able to resist any type of mind control!”

“Our friend, Ace, had an almost unbreakable resistance to mind control as well, but even he fell victim to them,” Ben explained sympathetically.

“Mommy, why isn’t daddy fighting those ugly Pokemon?” The young Espeon, Evita, inquired, her petrified eyes glued to her brainless father.

Before the worried mother could respond, the Cyberoids began to slowly advance on them. Tiare’s mood drastically changed into a furious scowl, determined to, at the very least, protect her defenceless daughter. Evita took a final glance at her half-assimilated father before cowering behind her Flareon mother, her head pressed up against her warm fur, crying into it.

“Tiare, we can’t help him now!” Pepper explained urgently. “For the sake of yourself and your daughter it’s best to flee with us!”

After a long moment of grief stricken hesitation, Tiare reluctantly turned away from her assimilated boyfriend, and began running off out of the town with the members of Team Enterprise and Yuri, trailed closely behind by her terrified daughter.

At that moment, the motionless and mindless majority of the citizens then began to make their move towards the town’s exit along with the fully-fledged Cyberoids. For some reason that the fleeing group couldn’t fathom, the Cyberoids appeared to be completely ignoring them, all gathering and heading in a direction that took them away from where the group was headed.

“Why aren’t they coming after us?” Dot wondered out loud as she ran.

“They either don’t consider us as a threat, or they don’t consider us valuable enough to spend the resources on assimilating at this time.” Ben figured thoughtfully.

Upon suddenly noticing something, Yuri pointed out “Hey, the direction those Cyberoid things are going, isn’t that the way to Sparkling Town?”

“Then that must be their next target!” Pepper concluded in alarm. “Come on! There’s no time to lose! We have to get back to Treasure Town and come up with a plan to stop them before more innocent Pokemon get assimilated!”

However, just then, Yuri, who was running ahead of the group, suddenly tripped and stumbled over as he collided with another Pokemon in his path. As the Pikachu slowly got back onto his feet and began brushing himself off, the rest of the group behind him quickly began to catch up, only to suddenly skid to a stop directly behind him upon seeing what he had ran into.

Upon hearing the warning voice of Tiare call to him “Yuri! Watch out!” the Pikachu quickly turned to face the being he had tripped over, to gasp and freeze in shock and horror at the sight before him. It was a Murkrow Cyberoid that was all-too familiar to the now mortified Pikachu. Under all the eyesore of metal implants, Yuri knew for certain that it was his Murkrow partner, Thash. Yuri could do nothing but quiver in fear and let out a tiny, barely audible whimper as the Cyberoid that was once his best friend and mate slowly scanned over him with a bright green beam of light from a device protruding from its temple. As soon as it had finished its scan, the Murkrow Cyberoid quickly turned around, and marched off to join all the other Cyberoids in leaving the ruined city towards Sparkling Town.

“Yuri! Are you alright? You’re not hurt, are you?” Tiare asked concernedly, running up to the still speechless, petrified Pikachu.

“What’s keeping you two so damn long?!” Bennett snarled, glaring in their direction.

“Thashy,” Yuri spoke, his voice no louder than a saddened whisper. “Not him too...No...”

Tiare picked up Yuri by his chest fluff with her teeth and tossed him onto her back before following the team out of the town.


Meanwhile, back at the medical centre in Treasure Town, Nevah was finally beginning to open her eyes. After taking a brief look around at her surroundings, and noticing that she was bound down to a bed, the oddly coloured Eevee tiredly wondered out loud “Wh-where am I…? What happened…? What’s going on…?”

Ginger, who was sitting next to Nevah’s bed, was the first to notice that she was now awake, and quickly called out “Merrill, come quick! I think Nevah’s waking up!”

Only seconds later, the Marill doctor hurried into the room, slowly leaned in over Nevah’s bed, and reassured softly “Don’t worry, Nevah. It’s alright. You’re in my medical center now. Tell me, how do you feel? Are you in any pain?”

After a short pause, all the memories of what had happened to her suddenly flooded back to the Eevee, and she tried to spring up from the bed, only to be stopped by the restraints. “Merrill! Team Enterprise! Did you do it? Did you cure me? Please tell me you found a cure!” Nevah then suddenly winced in pain and flopped back down flat onto the bed as the Cyberoid nano-probes continued trying to assimilate her body.

Merrill sighed disappointedly. “I’m afraid not. Not yet. I still need more time to study these nano-probes to figure out how they work. But in the meantime, I’m going to give you a mild pain killer to make you more comfortable.” At that moment, Merrill turned away from the bed, and retrieved a small syringe from a cabinet drawer, before walking back up to the bed, and assuring “Now hold still. This should help you feel a lot better.” The Marill doctor then carefully injected the clear serum into Nevah’s right arm, and gently pulled out the needle again. Almost instantly, Nevah’s wincing, pained expression began to relax slightly. “Now, I’m going to go back to work on trying to find a cure, so Ginger here is going to keep you company. If you need anything, just have Ginger call me.”

Nevah gave a small, acknowledging nod, and said weakly “Okay… Thank you…” before drifting off back to sleep again.

With that, Merrill once again exited the ward and into her lab to continue working on a cure for the Cyberoid nano-probes.

Only moments later, the group of Team Enterprise members and Yuri finally returned from their rescue mission, with only two additional Pokemon, a Flareon and a young, shiny Espeon. From their sullen faces and disheartened dispositions, even the innocent, naïve Ginger could guess that it didn’t go well. “Hey… Isn’t there anybody else…? Where are all the other Pokemon from Pilus Town…?” Ginger asked worriedly, ears drooped in sadness.

“There was no one else there that we can help anymore…” Ben replied grimly, before exiting the ward with Pepper, Dot and Bennett, leaving Yuri, the Flareon and the shiny Espeon behind in the room with Ginger and Nevah.

After a long moment of uncomfortable silence, Ginger pointed at the Flareon and shiny Espeon, whom were comforting each other at the moment, and gently inquired “Who are those two?”

“My name is Tiare Ho'omalu,” the Flareon introduced herself, putting on a little smile for the little Eevee’s sake. “And this is my daughter, Evita.”

“Hello, Tiare and Evita. My name is Ginger. I’m a member of Team Enterprise.” Ginger greeted politely, before pointing a paw towards Nevah’s hospital bed. “And that over there is Nevah. She’s in bed right now because those scary Cyber-Droid things tried to turn her into one of them…”

“My daddy got turned into one of them…” Evita then said sadly, a small tear dripping down her eye.

Ginger looked down at the floor, ears drooping. “My best friend got turned into a Cyber-Droid, too…” the Eevee sighed sadly.

“Who was this friend?” Tiare then asked curiously.

After a short pause, Ginger began “His name is Ace. He’s a Pikachu, and he’s our team leader. Ever since I first met him, I knew I could depend on him. He’s so brave, and strong, and really, really smart. He always looked after me, and would always stand up for me, even if nobody else would.” The Eevee’s voice then started to crack. “B-but now… I just don’t know anymore…!” Tears quickly began streaming down Ginger’s face, as she buried her head in Tiare’s collar fur.

After another long moment of silence, Evita asked curiously “Hey… Ginger… do you have any family? A mommy and daddy?”

Pausing a moment to sniffle a bit a wipe the tears from her eyes, Ginger replied “I never knew my real mommy and daddy, but my step mom was a Flareon, just like your mommy is. You know, your mommy even reminds me of my step mom a lot. But she and my step dad and step sister died a long time ago in a big forest fire…” The tears quickly began streaming down Ginger’s eyes once again. “And… and now that Ace is gone… I have nobody left…!”

“Ginger… I’m so sorry…” Tiare sympathised, comforting the grieving Eevee.

All the while, Yuri was remaining completely silent, not even uttering a whisper as he just stared blankly off into space, to the point of boarding on catatonia.

As the sun slowly began to set in the horizon, and the light shining through the window began to dim, Ginger quietly spoke up again “Y-you know… Every night before I went to bed… My step mom used to sing a lullaby to me to help me sleep… I still remember all the words by heart… W-would you like me to sing it…?”

“Yes please…” Evita whispered with a tired yawn.

After taking a couple seconds to clear her throat, Ginger began to sing “~You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Oh please don’t take, my sunshine, away…~”

A few minutes later, all of the Pokemon in the medical ward room soon drifted off to sleep.

The first story of 2013! :dummy:

After long last, here is the third and last story in the short series I wrote for my good friend, Unownace. Unlike the previous two, however, this one is collaboration between him and me.

Storyline wise, this is set almost one year before the events of Unownance's story, "Explorers of the Final Frontier."

Ace, Pepper, Ginger, Dot, Ben, Bennett, Dr. Marill and Team Enterprise are owned by :iconunownace:

Nevah Gem owned by :icontails230:

Yuri Volten, Tiare, Evita and Molo are owned by yours truly.

Pokemon is owned by Game Freak.
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