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September 27, 2010
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In the kingdom of Greenland lived a young and courage green dragon named Tabaluga. As well as being the last of his kind, Tabaluga was also the crown-prince of Greenland, destined to watch over it as its hero. He may have been only seven years of age in human years, but he was the strongest and bravest creature you could find. Over the time he spent in his home land of Greenland, he has met all kinds of friends, all of which loved and cared for their dragon protector. However, there was one particular creature in the valley that wanted to have his own special meeting with the heroic dragon.

It all started like any other day, Tabaluga awoke from his dreams of talking to his late father and glided down from his mountain home. It was such a thriving day and Tabaluga couldn't wait to meet up with his good friends. He walked into the forest, not wanting to have to fly everywhere willy nilly. He waved and smiled as his passed by the friendly animals that lived in the forest and in return they greeted him back. His presence in the forest did not go unnoticed by a snake lurking in the trees above. The snake's name was Kaa and unlike the other creatures that called this forest their home, Kaa wasn't the trusting type. He was a newcomer to Greenland, originating for a place unknown and all the other animals stayed away from him.

"Ooooh, if it isn't Tabaluga!" said Kaa, letting out a small chuckle soon after. "I've wanted to talk to him for a long time."

Kaa lowered his coils down and wrap them around the dragon's stomach from behind as he passed by underneath.

"Huh? What is going on?" Tabaluga exclaimed in surprise as he was pulled up into the tree. He tried to struggle free, but two more layers of smooth coils were wrapped around his body, making it even more difficult. He was about to use his fire when he came face to face with Kaa. "Who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Kaa and please forgive my rudeness." The serpent said, putting on a sad façade. "I only wanted to meet you and this was the only way I could do so."

Tabaluga put on a friendly smile, "Oh, that's ok!" he said to Kaa. "You just startled me. Now that I think about it, these coils are pretty comfortable!"

"I am sssso glad you like them, Tabluga!" said Kaa as he grinned widely, "You'll be ssssuprised on how many creatures hate being in my company."

The young dragon was both shocked and saddened to hear Kaa was hated. "Why do the others hate you, Kaa?" he enquired.

"It is because I am new here," Kaa lied, "You don't know how hard it is to fit in here. I try to make new friends, but they all just run away in fear."

"That's not very nice!" Tabaluga said, appalled by this, "They should now better than that." He then smiled, "Tell you what, Kaa; if you come with me I'll introduce you to them. After they find out we are both friends, they will no longer be scared of you!"

Kaa smiled, but it was more sly than friendly, "You are most gracious, Tabaluga!" he said, moving his face closer to the dragon's, "Your generosity brings tears to my eyes."

When Tabaluga looked into the snake's eyes, he did not see any tears, but he did see something that made his jaw drop. Kaa's eyes were now different from what they once were. Rings of blue, green and yellow were now slowly swirling around in a clock-wise pattern in his eyes. The dragon had never seen anything like it before. He was fascinated by the colours; he could not look away.

Kaa chuckled and gave Tabaluga a gentle squeeze in his coils. "Do you trust in me, Tabaluga?" he asked.

Tabaluga was so memorized by Kaa's eyes that he hesitated and stuttered in his reply. "Trust in you…?" His black eyes were now no bigger than pinpricks. He wanted to look away, but for some reason he simply couldn't.

"Yeeessss, do you trusssst in me?" Kaa asked again, using his tail to wrap around his neck, giving it a mild squeeze.

Tabaluga suddenly felt a feeling of pleasure as he continued to stare endlessly into the spirals of colours. His very own eyes even started to mimic the very same formation of colours. A smile curled up on his face as he sighed contently. The waves of happiness were now even powerfully soothing than before, giving Tabaluga a sense of security in Kaa's coils. Second by second the young dragon mind was falling victim to the hypnotic will of the snake. He ignored the faint pleas of a voice that told him to fight it off. Tabaluga felt at peace; the feeling of danger washed away with his other senses. Eventually a soft chime rang around his head, the voices stopped and Tabaluga fell into Kaa's cunning hypnotic trap with a large goofy grin to join his other facial features.

"Yesss, Kaa…" the dragon finally answered, "I do trust in you!"

"Yessss, Tabaluga, of coursssse you do." Kaa said who was now smiling evilly.

With the protector of Greenland in his power, he pondered what to do next with him. Up to now, no one had noticed them. He put his tongue up against his skin and licked it. He shivered in delight at the taste of the entranced dragon. Kaa couldn't wait to make everyone's beloved dragon hero his meal. However, out of an act of respect for the dragon, Kaa decided he would let Tabaluga have one final flight. He slowly uncoiled Tabaluga, and no sooner than he did, the young dragon happily plopped down on the tree branch. His spiralling eyes and goofy smile still remained.

"Would you like to fly around Greenland, Tabaluga?" Kaa asked the hypnotized dragon.

"Yes, Kaa, I would love that!" Tabaluga responded gleefully.

Kaa smirked, "I am glad to hear that." He said before stretching out his long, scaly coils to make a new path for Tabaluga to walk on. "The runway is ready, Tabaluga." He told him, proceeded with a chuckle, "But there is no reason to rush. Walk across my coils and launch yourself into the air when you reach the tip of my tail."

As Tabaluga started to walk across the path of smooth coils, he held up both of his hands up in front of him. When he stepped on the tip of Kaa's tail, the serpent pushed up against his feet, launching him up into the sky. Tabaluga soared through the skies above Greenland like a magnificent eagle. He did loop-de-loops, fast-paced suicidal dives and much more extraordinary aerial antics. The creatures below looked up and applauded their dragon friend, not knowing he was not acting under his own free will. Tabaluga continued to fly all the way around his homeland, making sure to stay clear of the wicked snowlands where his villains lived. After performing even more aerial moves, he flew back down to his slithery master, not knowing or even caring that he would never fly again after this. He landed next to Kaa and sat down on his coils.

"You sssssure know how to put on a good sssshow, Tabaluga!" the sinister snake complimented.

"Thank you very much, Kaa!" said the dragon, still unwary of the fate that would soon befall him.

Kaa chuckled and coiled up his dragon pet, leaving only his feet and head uncoiled. "You've earned a nice long sssssleeeep, Tabaluga. Close those weary eyes of yours and drift into a peaceful sssssslumber."

Tabaluga yawned and started to close his tired eyes. The snake's coils made the perfect bed for him in his tampered mind. He shuffled a little bit in Kaa's coils in order to become comfortable enough to finally drift off into a doomed sleep. Moving in closer, Kaa opened his mouth wide over Tabaluga head. It was time to make his most recent pet his most recent meal.

I am going to end it here. I originally had the ending planned and written out, but since it ended pretty grimly, I decided to not put it in.

For all my readers out there, what should happen to this dragon you may/may not know about before you read this story?

Should he emerge triumph or submerge into Kaa's stomach?
It's another story for you guys and gals and for once it isn't a Pokerman one. Are you shocked? But it does involve hypnosis so the surprises end there.

Now, I know some of you already know about Kaa. For those who don't, he is the snake from a popular book/movie called the Jungle Book. The reason he out ranks the other characters in terms of popularity is because he can hypnotize others. (I guess.) Also, he is a snake and snakes are awesome.

All the fan-stories of Kaa are pretty basic: Lost human in the jungle, (mainly female.) Kaa finds them, hypnotizes them, reinacts the Trust in Me scenes from the movie before the victim escapes. (Or eaten alive, i.e vore.)

Now that I've explained away a character everyone and their mother should know, allow me to tell you about a young dragon by the name of Tabaluga. He is some dragon that lives in some valley and battles an evil snowman whose henchman is penguin with a British accent.

It was a little kid show back in the 90's, what more would you expect? Also, from what I heard the concept originated from some German rock star (Explains a lot, right?) . I no longer watch the show. I would like to say it's because I outgrew shows aimed at a young audience, but it's mainly due to the fact that all the episodes are nowhere to be found.

Anyway, since I don't want to make the description as long as the story, I'll shut up and allow you to read my story.

P.S: Yes, this IS very random, isnít it?

P.S.S. I'll get to the requests very soon.

Kaa © Disney
Tabaluga © three German people.
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Done, I made the story, read and tell me what do you think [link]
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I'd like to see he get eaten, did you posted the ending here, or somewhere else?
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